Sunday, November 05, 2006

Unique Flavour Crisps

I picked up two flavour crisps which you might not find in western countries.
"Wasa-beef" (Wasabi-Japanese horseradish & Beef) and "Pizza Potato".
Pizza is not Japanese food so there might be pizza flovor crisps sold in other countries but the inside the pack is different. There are bits of cheese (Parmesan & cheddar, the pack says) on top of the each crisps. I can never stop eating until I finish all of the pack.
"Wasa-beef" is also yummy that you can't stop eating. My colleague who is also a part-time flight attendant told me this. "Wasa-beef" got popular among Philippina flight attendants who fly to Japan by word of mouth. So "Wasa-beef" is always out of stock in the convenient stors around Tokyo International Airpot.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Japanese Instant Bowl-noodles

Even though it's Japanese, of course instant noodles are not healthy but they would make you happy when you are too busy and starving to cook and there is nothing to cook. Here is the sample of normal priced 300yen(about 2.5USD/1.5GBP. The cheapests are 1USD/0.6GBP) instant bowl-ramen(Chinese noodles developed as Japanese style food). It has dried noodles and theree packets of seasoning powder with dried vegetable, "cha-shu"(cooked pork in soy-sause) with bamboo-shoot and soup paste.
The soup paste contains a lot of fat to make the taste rich. I don't recommend emptying all the fat from the packet. You'll still get rich enough soup. I often add dried seaweed which become edible just putting in the hot soup. The taste of this ramen soup is fatty soy sause.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kimchee Instant Noodles

Just in case some of you wanted to see what very cheap kimchee noodles look like...

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White Rabbit Creamy Candies

Not Japanese, and probably not eaten in Japan... So what are they doing on Snack Fan Japan??!?!?

Anyway, White Rabbit Creamy Candies are hard white sweets that don't taste as milky as they look. They are made from cane sugar, liquid glucose, butter and milk.

I buy these at a small Chinese supermarket. The packet claims they are: "Full of creamy flavour, high in nutritive value". Hackers everywhere should be eating them, and possibly are.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Korean Instant Noodles

Scientists state that the likelihood of Korea being part of Japan is very low. That doesn't change the fact that I've eaten Korean noodles recently. I sampled three flavours.

First up are Chacharoni noodles, made by Samyang Foods. The packet states "This is a Chinese-Korean style noodle which is made by soy bean paste and served at Chinese restaurants in Korea." The instructions said to boil the noodles, drain them, and then mix in the paste and freeze-dried vegetables. There was no mention of adding more water, but I had to because it looked too harsh to consider eating. The flavour was pretty poor and the end result was only just about edible. I shall not be buying them again, at least not to eat myself...

The next noodles I ate were chicken flavour noodles made by Paldo. They were typical instant noodles, quite salty and quite edible. I added some cooked chicken and some chili sauce which improved them a lot.

The final noodles I tried were kimchi flavour noodles made by Samyang Foods. Kimchee is a type of pickled cabbage and chili. It's added to almost every Korean food. These noodles were by far the best. Lots of flavour, very spicy and great noodles(ramen type)

In general, it's probably best not to eat instant noodles. They are full of bad chemicals, taste unpleasant and are not very nutricious.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

For Chocoholics

The Strawberry chocolate is one of my favourite since I was a kid not being able to count money properly to buy it. You feel strawberry seed texture like you are eating real strawberries with chocolate! Crunky has crispy malt in chocolate.

Kinoko no yama(Mashroom Mountain) and Takenoko no sato(Banbooshoot woods) are cute shaped chocolate on cracker mashroom stem and on biscuit bambooshoot center.

They have been all regular-sold popular items throughout a year for more than 30years, although a lot of seasonal new products are always launched in the market.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Snack Fan Japan Is Here!

Japanese snacks rule. Fuel for hackers, skateboarders and gamers, Japanese snacks such as Pocky, Crunky and Cup Ramen have become established as some of the most important things mankind has ever created.

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