Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dave Green from NTK, SnackSpot and Shift Run Stop

My local newspaper(The Yomiuri Shimbun) ran a special feature on the British tech journalist Dave Green, who used to be an editor of Amiga Power magazine, and who also happens to be an expert on snacks. I asked a friend to translate it from Japanese for me and, in an effort to avoid copyright issues, I've rewritten it as a Dave Green FAQ.

What is Dave Green's day job?
He is a foreman in a two-way mirror factory.

Where did Dave Green come from?
The same place as everybody else.

What is Dave Green's favourite colour?

What did Dave Green do in the war?
He co-wrote a weekly email newsletter with Danny O'Brien called "Now That's Knowledge!".

What is Dave Green's favourite band?
The Clash.

Which food is Dave Green allergic to?
Red Lead.(AKA triplumbic tetroxide)

What is Dave Green's full name?
David Green.

How many Dave Greens does it take to operate a universal Turing machine?
Two: one to read, write and erase the symbols on the squares, and one to take care of any snack-related tasks.

What is the opposite of Dave Green?
David Green

Where does Dave Green live?
Dave Green divides his time between North London and Greenland.(maybe this is a tax dodge?)

What is Dave Green's favourite film?

Who would win in a fight between Dave Green and Sarah Green?
Dave Green.

Who does Dave Green belong to?
The Internets.

What would Dave Green do in a fire?
Put it out and then walk away, shaking his head.

Which snack is Dave Green (wrongly) credited with creating?
Rainbow pretzel drops.

What does Dave Green collect?
Dave Green collects other people's collections.

Which celebrity does Dave Green most resemble?

What is remarkable about Dave Green's brother, Simon Green?
He is made entirely from chocolate.

How can one contact Dave Green?
Direct contact is impossible, but several Twitter hashtags can be used to contact him indirectly. Unfortunately, none of them is reproducible here.

What is Dave Green's favourite spice?
The spice of life.

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