Sunday, November 05, 2006

Unique Flavour Crisps

I picked up two flavour crisps which you might not find in western countries.
"Wasa-beef" (Wasabi-Japanese horseradish & Beef) and "Pizza Potato".
Pizza is not Japanese food so there might be pizza flovor crisps sold in other countries but the inside the pack is different. There are bits of cheese (Parmesan & cheddar, the pack says) on top of the each crisps. I can never stop eating until I finish all of the pack.
"Wasa-beef" is also yummy that you can't stop eating. My colleague who is also a part-time flight attendant told me this. "Wasa-beef" got popular among Philippina flight attendants who fly to Japan by word of mouth. So "Wasa-beef" is always out of stock in the convenient stors around Tokyo International Airpot.

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