Monday, April 27, 2009

The Future Is Here: Cake In Choco

Throughout the history of humankind, scientists have tried to push back the boundaries of human existence, squeezing "impossible" into an increasingly small bottle. Just a few years ago it was impossible to teleport, read minds, buy Krusty Cream donuts in Tokyo or speak French. All these things are now possible, thanks to science.

Cake In Choco is likely to change the way we eat on the most fundamental of levels. It is the future, and it refuses to be described with the metaphors of the past. We simply don't have a language that is powerful enough to discuss it with. If you've ever written a list of impossible things, at the very least you'll need to cross out the item: "put cake into a piece of chocolate".

Cake In Choco is, like many Japanese snacks, surprisingly good. It shouldn't work, but it does. You get all of the benefit of eating cake, chocolate and chocolate cake, without the crumbs. My advice is: don't delay, buy Cake In Choco today!

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umijin said...

Krispy Kreme you mean/

Brother Fox said...

Imagine the day when it will be possible to teleport Cake in Choco...o' Brave New World!