Saturday, February 18, 2006

Japanese Instant Bowl-noodles

Even though it's Japanese, of course instant noodles are not healthy but they would make you happy when you are too busy and starving to cook and there is nothing to cook. Here is the sample of normal priced 300yen(about 2.5USD/1.5GBP. The cheapests are 1USD/0.6GBP) instant bowl-ramen(Chinese noodles developed as Japanese style food). It has dried noodles and theree packets of seasoning powder with dried vegetable, "cha-shu"(cooked pork in soy-sause) with bamboo-shoot and soup paste.
The soup paste contains a lot of fat to make the taste rich. I don't recommend emptying all the fat from the packet. You'll still get rich enough soup. I often add dried seaweed which become edible just putting in the hot soup. The taste of this ramen soup is fatty soy sause.

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scott said...

My wife love's the Goota noodles. She always has one or two "bowls" on the shelf just in case.

I'm not so crazy about it.

My own big favorite these days is making fried rice with ocha-zuke. Ocha-zuke is a small packet of green-tea type powder and some crunchy bit designed to be poured over a bowl of rice with hot water added. Quite good.

As fried rice, I pour a cup of the ocha-zuke and water over the hot rice in the skillet and scramble in an egg after the water sizzles off.

I'm gonna do a vlog in the kitchen of the preparation one of these days.

Thanks for the fun blog. Lot's of tasty treats are available in Japan.