Monday, June 25, 2007

Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Pepsi Ice Cucumber is the limited product this summer in Japan.
"Cucumber" is the vegetable you know. "Pepsi" is the drink you've probably drunk at least once in your life. But it's hard to imagine how Pepsi and cucumber mixed together...
I had imagined very disgusting taste but it turned out quite refreshing good taste!
It's more like fizzy melon soda but weaken melon taste, no Pepsi taste at all except that it's fizzy.
So it should be called "cucumber soda"!
The taste reminded me of "cream soda" which you can find classic Japanese coffee house "Kissaten" (see pic. No.2)
It seems that this fascinating drink is not advertised so much.
Karamoon told about it finding somewhere on the Internet but I had never heard about it until then. But actually it's sold in many convenience stores now in Japan.

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McAlpine said...

God! You are the only one who agrees with me on the taste. I actually liked the taste too.

2nihon said...

Actually sounds quite good to me. I will add that to my list of 'must try' things for this summer's Japan trip.