Thursday, April 02, 2009

Daigaku Imo KitKat

It is well-known that the good people of Nestle spend most of their time killing babies in Africa, it is less well-known that they somehow find enough time to invent new flavors of KitKat for the Japanese market on an almost monthly basis.

Japan-based blogger Umijin has sent us these great photos of the fabled Daigaku Imo KitKat, which is certainly one of the more peculiar KitKats.

In Japanese "daigaku" means university and "imo" means potato. "Daigaku imo" therefore, refers to candied sweet potato. WTF? The names seems to come from the fact that candied sweet potatoes were commonly sold outside universities.

Many thanks to Umijin for the photos. Check out his blog here: and Twitter feed here:

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Cuchola said...

Delicious! How can I get one of these??